Low image resolution
Low resolution images will appear distorted when printed.
High image resolution
High resolution images are more suitable for printing.
What is image resolution?
Image Resolution describes the detail of an image in pixels per inch (ppi). The more pixels per inch, the greater clarity an image has. Printers rely on high resolutions of 300-1200 ppi. Computer monitors are made for diplaying images at 72-96 ppi, but an image that display's fine on a website may not always have the intended clarity when printed.

If you have further questions about image quality don't hesitate to contact us.
Sending Your Logos
We have a large staff of highly skilled graphic artists who are waiting to make your ad look fantastic!

You can put almost anything in your ad. All you need to do is let us know what you want. You can send logos, slogans, supportive statements, web site addresses, and other text and graphics.

You can contact our graphics department by email, fax, or mail. Use the information and guidelines below to send us what you want.

No matter how you send it, always make sure that your business name and the name of the school you're supporting are clearly noted.

By Email
  • We accept these file formats: PDF, TIFF, EPS, JPG, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Publisher.
  • Logos and images must be in resolution of 300-600 pixels per inch (ppi). Logos and images from web sites are usually only 72 ppi and don't print well.
  • Any color logos or images will be converted to grayscale (black and white) for printing.
  • Email: graphics@allamericanpublishing.com
By Fax
  • Please do not send graphic originals via fax.
  • Once you receive your ad copy proof sheet that shows how your ad currently looks, you may fax it back to us with your approval or corrections you'd like made.
  • Since faxes will distort logos and images, please send only changes to text in your ad when faxing. You can then email or mail your logo.
  • Fax: (208) 275-8496
By Mail
  • When mailing business cards it really helps us if you send two in case one is damaged.
  • Avoid stapling or writing on originals as we will need a clean copy for scanning purposes.
  • Please specify what information you'd like placed in your ad from your business card, letterhead, etc.
  • Mail:
    All-American Sports Posters
    Attn: Graphics
    5411 Kendall Street
    Boise, ID 83706
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