February 2018
A.D. Reminders for February 2018


Coaches-Set all-league coaches meeting and spring pre-season league coaches meeting

League-Attend league meeting

Pre-Season-Review all spring schedules and send transportation requests to transportation department

Pre-Season-Finalize spring sports schedules

Pre-Season-Remind spring sports coaches of spring rules clinics dates

Pre-Season-Send spring sports schedules to officials

Pre-Season-Assign keys to spring sports coaches

Pre-Season-Prepare indoor gym schedule for spring sports in case of rain

Pre-Season-Make plan for cancelling sport events when rain occurs. What is the deadline for

cancellation? Who needs to be notified? How is a contest rescheduled?

Pre-Season-Prepare spring sports season arrangements

Pre-Season-Empty and reassign lockers for spring

Pre-Season-Prepare parent night invitation and letter

Pre-Season-Prepare spring schedules to be handed out at league meeting –

avoid testing week if possible

Program-Weekly administrative meeting

Program-Faculty meetings

Program-Send request for spring sports officials association with schedules

Program-Set winter sports banquet(s) and spring parents sports meeting

Program-Review spring sports contracts, send copies to administrators

Program-Send spring schedules to administrators for sports supervision scheduling

Program-Schedule and send out agenda for any athletic department meeting

Post-Season-Review basketball league, district and state playoff information, including picture, up-dated

roster and team record. Send to local tournament manager and state tournament

program printer.


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January 2018
A.D. Reminders for January 2018


Coaches - Update coaches standards file

Coaches - Schedule and sent out agenda for any athletic department meeting

Fiscal - Pay bills

League - Review league standings for possible ties, play-off format, procedures and sites

League - Attend league meeting

Program - Finalize team rosters

Program - Game day preparations for basketball, wrestling, gymnastics and swimming

Program - Take State pictures

Program - Weekly administrative meetings

Program - Faculty meetings

Program - Check on purchases for concessions stands

Program - Update website

Program - Make local school board presentation on the National AD Conference (if attended) and thank you note to the board for allowing you to attend

Program - Finalize fall sports schedules for next year

Post-Season - Complete summary records for season’s wrestling participation; submit copy to qualifying tournament managers

Post-Season - Review winter post season reservations


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December 2017
A.D. Reminders for December 2017


Coaches - Distribute clinic brochures to coaches

Pre-Season - Prepare for winter events: announcers, timers, ticket sellers, event managers, security, gate cash managers, signage, police

Program - Confirm wrestling permit forms are signed by physician and keep on file

Program - Observe at winter sports contests and practices at all levels

Program - Weekly administrative meetings

Program - Faculty meetings

Program - Update website

Program - Check concession stand responsibility, schedule and order process

Program - Make necessary preparations for Holiday competitions

Program - Obtain emergency numbers for Holiday break opponents in case of snow

Program - Obtain emergency numbers for weekend contests where bad weather can be an issue

Program - Review all winter schedules for conflict

Program - Confirm all transportation requests and review for conflicts

Program - Schedule and send agenda for any athletic department meetings

Program - Collect equipment requests for fall sports

Post-Season - Review all winter tournament room reservations

November 2017
A.D. Reminders for November 2017



  • Coaches - Winter sports rules clinics
  • Coaches - Winter sports eligibility rules
  • Coaches -  Schedule and send out agenda for athletic department meeting
  • Fiscal - Pay bills
  • League - All-league fall coaches meeting and pre-season for winter coaches
  • Pre-Season - Collect all eligibility information from winter sports athletes
  • Pre-Season - Winter sports eligibility list on file
  • Pre-Season - Announce first practice dates for winter sports
  • Pre-Season - Schedule winter sports parents meeting
  • Pre-Season - Finalize gym practice schedules for winter sports
  • Pre-Season - Review all winter schedules for conflicts
  • Pre-Season - Empty lockers and reassign for winter sports
  • Pre-Season - Pre-season meetings with winter sports coaches
  • Pre-Season - Send winter schedules to officials
  • Pre-Season - Prepare winter schedules and rosters for league opponents
  • Pre-Season - Review winter sports season guidelines
  • Pre-Season - Share winter sports information with administration and coaches
  • Pre-Season - Note deadlines for winter sports activities
  • Pre-Season - Send all winter schedules to media
  • Pre-Season - Contact ticket sellers
  • Pre-Season - Tests for coaches who did not attend pre-season rules clinics completed?
  • Program - Update website
  • Program - Booster club meeting agenda – mail
  • Program - Get league academic awards and sportsmanship awards submitted
  • Program - Check winter tournament dates and look for school calendar conflicts
  • Program - Rent gym if necessary for winter sports practices
  • Program - Arrange audio/video equipment for parent night
  • Program - Winter schedules to administrators for sign up of administration duties
  • Program - Winter team pictures – contact coaches and photographers for dates
  • Program - Prep sports programs – coach letters, rosters, schedules
  • Program - Submit eligibility paperwork
  • Program - Prepare agenda for winter sports parent night
  • Program - Check on lost and found
  • Program - Arrange for event management for winter home contests
  • Post-Season - Arrange supervision for District/State events
  • Post-Season - Inventory fall sports equipment and prepare for storage
  • Post-Season - Review qualifying and state tournament information bulletins for fall sports
  • Post-Season - Inform administration and coaches regarding post-season procedures
  • Post-Season - Inform student body and press of plays, procedures and rules
  • Post-Season - Send thank you notes to spouses of fall sports coaches
  • Post-Season - Meeting with fall coaches for season evaluation, inventory and storage of equipment


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October 2017
A.D. Reminders for October 2017



  • Fiscal - Pay bills weekly


  • Pre-Season - Prepare winter gym schedule for practices and contests


  • Pre-Season - Advise winter coaches of winter rules clinic sites and dates


  • Pre-Season - Review winter contracts with coaches


  • Pre-Season - Request officials for winter sports Program Weekly administrative meeting


  • Program - Update website


  • Program - Faculty meetings


  • Program - Help promote events


  • Program - Lost/Found – how are these items being processed?


  • Program - Schedule and send out agenda for any athletic department meeting


  • Program - Rosters and updated picture for all potential district/state tournament team should be sent to tournament manager and program printer


  • Program - Review league standings for possible ties for playoffs and sites


  • Post-Season - Check with athletic secretary – order letter awards and pictures as needed for post season awards banquets


  • Post-Season - State tournament information to coaches Post-Season Submit post season rosters in timely fashion


  • Post-Season - Attend contests and practices at least once for each team at each level Post-Season. Bill and thank advertisers for sports program support


  • Post-Season - Check tournament dates and confirm room reservations for state tournament Post-Season. Set end of season coaches meetings for the league coaches


  • Post-Season - Schedule fall sports banquet(s)


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September 2017
A.D. Reminders for September 2017


  • Coaches - Review with coaches all state and local eligibility rules


  • Coaches - Review coaches education hours including those who attend CPR or first aid classes


  • Coaches - Review “out of season” regulations at first coaches meeting


  • Fiscal - Pay bills


  • League - League AD meeting


  • Program - Fall sports eligibility list should be on file


  • Program - Confirm individual practice rules have been met prior to competition


  • Program - Review fall sports season guidelines and bulletins. Share information with administration and coaches, noting deadlines


  • Program - Review eligibility clearance, resident and academic rules, PRIOR to first competition


  • Program - Finalize fall sport team rosters, take team picture


  • Program - Schedule and plan events for National Activities Week in October


  • Program - Send rosters to opponents


  • Program - Make sure visitor locker rooms are clean and ready for use


  • Program - Request gate money and police checks for home contests


  • Program - Write article for school newspaper or program


  • Program - Eligibility paperwork deadline


  • Program - Secure any off-site gym space that might be needed



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July 2017
Concussion Discussion Excluding Females

The risks and lasting results of concussions for athletes have received a lot of press in recent years, yet it appears that the most susceptible portion of the population is not part of the discussion.  Recent reports indicate that females are at far greater risk of concussion than males, yet research dollars and treatment trials are excluding women most of the time.  ESPN the Magazine is pulling back the curtain to examine why female concussions are not being put on the same playing field.

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