November 2011
Dollars Not the Only Concern

When accepting donors' money, particularly when little things like naming rights are attached, it is not always a slam dunk for high school athletic programs.  Established school policies and a lot of peripheral image issues have to be dealt with as in the case of a Maryland high school rejecting a generous donation.


November 2011
Sports and Community a Natural Fit

Athletic programs can be a focal point for other community activities as well, whether it be at the high school or small college level.  Oregon's Pacific University has rediscovered a lot of those community connections over the past couple of years since reinstating Division III football.  


November 2011
Title IX Allegations Tossed in Idaho

A Title IX complaint against dozens of Idaho High Schools has been dropped by  the U.S. Department of Education.  Allegations that their athletic departments didn't provide female athletes opportunities equal to their male counterparts were cited in summer accusations of federal Title IX violations at the schools. Complaints against 77 Idaho school districts, and more specifically 95 high schools, have been tossed out of a larger complaint dated June 23. Federal officials confirmed the dismissals of the potential cases this week.


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