June 2009
Life in the Balance

The current economic pressure on high school activity programs is certainly weighing heavily on athletic directors around the country.  Many of those pressures are also prevalent in college programs around the country - particularly for those without big revenue sources like BCS Football. The NCAA Division II President's Council, the governing body for many smaller NCAA institutions, has taken a rather far-reaching look at those pressures. While specific solutions may appear purely economically driven, there is also a focus on a more balanced long-range approach to the issues and how they affect athletic directors, coaches, and student-athletes. Watch a video featuring Presidents Council Chair Stephen Jordan and Management Council Chair Tim Selgo on the Life in the Balance initiative.

June 2009
New Website Designed to Enhance Communication

Since you are reading this you are actively engaged in the new main website for All-American Sports Posters and All-American Publishing. Changes in the site have been targeted at providing additional information to our target market - school administrators and commercial interests who share the common goal of enhancing the education-based activity programs in our nations' high schools.  Browse throughout to discover nuggets of information that may be useful to your own needs.  Feel free to take advantage of any of the feedback mechanisms to communicate with us.  We covet your input and look forward to being a partner with your institution - be it association, school or advertiser - in reaching our common goals.

June 2009
Open Letter to School Calendar Company Schools

Over the past several weeks we have heard from countless high schools that they have been told School Calendar Company may be closing, and that they would not be giving them fall posters or rebates.  Many of you have told us how difficult this situation is and the issues it is creating for you and your school.   In response we have provided contact information for School Calendar Company (800-251-0970) and have encouraged schools to call their local School Calendar representatives to learn the status of their fall posters and rebates.

Unfortunately, this is not the only instance we’ve heard about where a poster company suddenly makes some changes and leaves schools without expected schedule posters and important dollars from those projects.  It seems the difficult economy is making it more likely that a company may not be able to continue to perform the services it has agreed to.  At the same time, there is more pressure than ever on school administrators to supplement declining budgets.  It is so critical that schools carefully select their poster and other fundraising companies.

As the largest sports poster company in the nation, All-American is confident about its ability to meet its obligations to the schools it represents both now and well into the future.  We wish to assure everyone that since our inception, All-American Sports Posters® has never - not once - failed to deliver on its promise to pay rebates to the schools it represents and to provide the highest level of professional service.  We always follow through on our commitments and pride ourselves in complete and open communication with our schools. We are proud of our track record of integrity and commitment to our promises.

We are honored by the fact that many schools have chosen us as their sports poster company this year.  All-American is enjoying one of its best years ever as a result of the confidence in us that schools are showing.  Indeed, we are particularly happy to welcome a significant number of schools that used to work with School Calendar.  As always, if you are considering us as your sports poster provider, we look forward to the opportunity to earn our spot on your team!




Matt Hobbs

Director of Marketing

All-American Sports Posters®


June 2009
Schools Are Finding Compliance Solutions

One trait that progressive schools have in common is a willingness to move forward and to tackle their daily challenges. The Mercer Island School District in Washington is continuing to work toward compliance with Title IX after a review last year found inequities, including funds raised by booster clubs for various sports.  Mercer Island High School Athletic Director Craig Olson said that while they are making strides in the right direction, more work can and will be done. "It's amazing what we've been able to get done this year," said Olson. "We've made great strides in educating people on Title IX."   To read more about this "can do" attitude, check out this account from the Mercer Island Reporter.

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