June 2011
Can Community Dollars Save Sports?

Across the country budget cuts are leading to the elimination of funding for many high school sports programs. School administrators are now turning to the community as an alternative method to completely fund  teams. In Duval County (Fla.), the budget woes have prompted threats of cuts and a response from the community that might save certain sports.


June 2011
Club Sports May Hold Control Over High School Sports

The debate over the conflicted or supplemental relationship between club sports and high school sports seems to be tilting toward a more confrontational and competitive position.  Incidents of student-athletes having to choose between participation on a club or high school team is become more of a common decision.  High school boys' soccer players in the Development Academy League in Ohio may be forced to give up high school participation altogether next fall.


June 2011
School Boards Consider Combining Booster Clubs

Budget issues are prompting school boards to put about every traditional funding option on the examination table. A Maine school board is weighing a change that would dole out booster club money in a different manner. In order to avoid Title IX violations and address long-term funding issues for high school sports, Portland's school board is considering a new game plan that would eliminate separate booster clubs for each sport.


June 2011
NFL and NCAA push for youth sports concussion legislation

In an effort to provide a safer sports environment for America's children, the NFL and NCAA are advocating for state legislation designed to prevent and properly treat concussions among youth athletes. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NCAA President Mark Emmert and their organizations are urging state lawmakers and other leaders throughout the country to support legislation containing the key elements of a law passed in Washington State in 2009.


June 2011
Strong Neck Means a Safer Head

According to some experts, a simple way to help prevent concussions involves focusing on what some believe to be a lost art in strength training: the neck.  A recent article in  Training and Conditioning magazine emphasizes basic preventive care provided by proper training.


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